Upon arriving at Go Deep you will be escorted through our garden into the centre. Here we will have time to run through the process of floating or anwser questions you have about the therapy, signing our disclaimer form before we commence. Unless of course you already are a regular.

Upon entering our relaxed wet room space you will have time to centre yourself and get changed before entering the tank.

Before entering the tank you will have a quick rinse off in our shower, with our ceiling fed drench shower head to get you all clean before entering. Note that we are not implying you are not clean! But tank sanitation and the longevity of our highly advanced pump and filtration system is one of our top priorites here at go deep.

Once showered, you will insert our waterproof earplugs recommened by I-SOPOD to protect your ears and block out external stimuli.

Then you enter the tank! You have complete control! You can leave the lid open, have music on, have lights on. Whatever feels good for you as thats the most important thing here. However, here at Go Deep if you really want to get your monies worth, we prefer getting your senses engaged as quickly as possible to have more an impacting rejuvinating experience.

Wow your hour is up already??? just like that! Welcome Back! Our built in sound system will gently guide you out of your relaxed state and wake you up. Its important to take your time at this point and enjoy the feel of a slow pace (which is how life should be).

Lastly,shower again. Rinse off the Epsom salt solution, wash your hair with our shampoo, which is sourced locally by wonderful herbalist ‘Furze Botanicals’.

Exit the float room into the relaxation area where there will be a drink of your choice. Ranging from herbal teas, lemon + honey hot waters, or plain old H20!

Enjoy the next few hours after the experience. In our opinion its the after effects that are more enjoyable, like any trip or journey. Integration is an important part of the therapy.