Do’s and Dont’s before your float session


Arrive on time- Organise to arrive 10 minutes before your session starts in order for you to find us and have 5 minutes with a member of staff to go through what you need to know to ensure you have a good and safe floatation experience.

Please be aware there are no buses that run through our village, so you will either need to drive, get a lift or a taxi here. If someone is driving you please ensure they drop you off and pick you up at the end of your appointment, as your time with us will be yours and we do not have anywhere for someone to wait during your appointment.

Paying for your appointment-. We accept all credit/debit cards

Give yourself enough time for your session- Your session will at least be 1.5 hours, which includes an hour in the float tank and then time either side to wash and change, and afterwards to have five minutes and top up your H20 fluids!

Turn off your mobile phone during the float session- We encourage you to switch off your phone to fully escape the world of technology and fast paced living. However if you want to take pictures after or before your float session to post on social media when you get home you are more than welcome.

Cover any small cuts or scratches with a clean waterproof dressing- The salt content in the water will make these cuts or scratches sting a lot so make sure you keep them covered!

Remove contact lenses and jewellery- We will provide a small tray next to the sink for your to keep all your belongings in the wet room, but please make sure to collect them after your float session.

Ask any and all questions- We want you to enjoy your experience and to utilise your time and money with us, so please if there is anything you need to go over again or anything you are unsure of please ask and we are more than happy to go through with you again!

Contact us if you think you should reschedule- If you are in early/late stages of pregnancy, receiving ongoing medical treatment that we should be aware of or may be coming down with cold/flu/illness, please ring us as soon as possible to reschedule. A cancellation within 12 hours of appointment will mean a 50% charge. This is due to our pod being in high demand to the public.

Wait at least 2 weeks after having a tattoo- This is to ensure the tattoo heals well and it does not irritate the skin.


Consume drugs/alcohol prior to your appointment- Being under the influence is prohibited. We reserve the right to refuse treatment to anyone we suspect under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Use the tank if you are menstruating- For hygiene reasons please reschedule if your session is during your menstrual cycle.

Shave or wax within the 12 hours prior to the appointment- The salt from the tank will really sting your fresh open pores of your skin!

Drink caffeine or other stimulant drinks before the session- It will be difficult for you to relax in the tank if you have had caffeine or any other stimulant so please try avoid caffeine or other similar drinks a few hours at least before the session.

Eat a large heavy meal before you float- It may make you feel unwell and you may make your digestive system loud and uncomfortable during your float.

Float if you have large open cuts or have had gastro in the last 14 days- This is for hygiene reasons and it will also feel uncomfortable for you.

Float straight after having hair coloured, chemically straightening or used artificial tanning products- Please wait at least 10-14 days after having hair coloured and 10 days after using tanning products before coming for a float session.

Smoke shortly prior to arrival- It will smell in the tank and float centre if you smoke before hand and can also make it difficult for you to relax.

Following these points will ensure that you have a great float!